For God’s Sake, Get a Life!!!


I know I’ve mentioned this in the past, but it bears revisiting. Besides which, its been a while since I had a rant about one of my pet hates.

What is it with idiots who begrudgingly part with a paltry US$0.99 for an eBook, then demand their money back? Once again I merely say this to them – try before you buy you moronic idiots. Use the darned ‘See Inside’ option. That’s what its there for!!!

Use those two remaining brain cells rattling around inside your heads for a moment and think about it. When you visit your local high street book store, you don’t just grab a book off the shelf, pay for it and rush out of the book store do you? If when you got home, you found out that the book is not for you simply because it never occurred to you to take a look at the first few pages back in the book store, or in some cases – the ending, after laughing at your stupid demand for a refund the kind folk in the bookstore would simply kick you out of the door. Who could blame them!

This mind numbingly stupid nonsense is down to Amazon for deciding that it would be a brilliant idea to give a refund, no matter the book’s price.

I even had one idiot write a complaint about one of my eBooks, thinly disguised as a negative review simply because he had trouble downloading it in its entirety from the Amazon outlet near him. Hardly my fault, but he didn’t seem to appreciate that fact.

Come on people. I mean to say, I could understand it (almost) if you had paid US$15 or $20 for the book in question. But US$0.99 – really? Don’t even get me going about the other kind of idiot who loves to complain about a book when they get it for free during a promotion. For your own sakes do yourselves a favour and get a life!!

Rant over…

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