Progress Report 2


For my faithful followers and any curious newcomers to my blog, here is the second progress report on my new historical adventure eBook.

While I’ve fought hard over the last couple of days to stop yawning and stay awake while reading the Roman historian Tacitus’ long winded, often matter of fact and dismissive account of Boudica’s revolt (the subject of the fifth chapter in my novel) during the time period 60 – 61AD, which he wrote thirty years after the event; among other things I have narrowed down the choice to one of three momentous events Briggs’ field observer will travel back to. Which one it will be is for me to know and for you to wonder about until the eBook is published. So don’t ask me – OK? After all we writers have to have some secrets you know.Β  πŸ˜‰

As for Tacitus, he would fit in well with a lot of today’s equally long winded, biased historians. Thank god for encyclopedias and online sources like Wikipedia. At least they just offer facts and not personal opinions. Bearing in mind that what is claimed as fact in Wikipedia is often doubtful, never the less it is still a useful general source for dates, names and places.

I have also decided that Briggs needs to send a female this time, as his existing observers are all male. With each of my characters I like to get to know them first, before they enter the story. Some will live. Some will die. It all depends on the circumstances of the scenario they are involved in. In this particular case I chose a very capable woman – Sienna Baxter.

Here are her characteristics: She is tall, fair skinned with red hair and a fiery temper. Her voice is harsh, loud, almost grating – hardly soft and feminine. She is powerfully built and utterly fearless given the fact that she played at the position of lock in a women’s rugby scrum while at university. She is fluent in ancient Celtic, and wrote a dissertation on the Trinovantes’ involvement in Boudica’s revolt against the occupying forces of the Roman Empire.

One thing is certain, she is not the archetypal twenty-first century ideal of a slender, gentle, feminine woman the advertising world promotes. Far from it in fact. This is a woman not to be messed with! She should fit nicely into the ranks of Boudica’s immediate bodyguard.

More later, but only if your patient…


2 thoughts on “Progress Report 2

    • I saw all of the episodes back when they first appeared in 1995, starring my fellow New Zealander, Lucy Lawless. While they were entertaining at the time, they were hardly quality viewing. πŸ™‚


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