More on how publishers shaft we writers – big time!!!


Thesetwo companies are really going nuclear just now. Amazon wrote a letter to all its Kindle published authors, asking them to write to Hachette for being nasty, and Hachette’s boss has written to all of those who have written to him (be interesting to know how many) with a fairly straightforward response.

So who is right?
Amazon is saying that they want all books to have their prices reduced. Who will that help? Perhaps it’ll do something for publishers in terms of additional sales, but I rather doubt it. The additional sales will be more than outweighed by the reduced amount paid.
I have to say that from an author’s perspective, I do not understand why Amazon should deserve such a large cut of my money. They are trying to impose retail prices, which is fine – but they are fully entitled to charge what they want already. If they…

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