Progress Report 4


gibraltar_2761454b Plato-Socrates-Aristotle








The research goes well. If you think you know where the main thrust of the new Gilbert Briggs story is set after perusing the images I have supplied, you may be wrong.

Remember, no amount of pleading on your part will make me reveal anything. It may, or may not involve any or all of these locations. It’s for me to know and for you to find out when you read it.



It might even be set here…

A by-product of studying all of the historical and geographical subjects pictured here is that each one sparks an idea which may or may not become crucial to the story.


Of course, it could be here. Only time will tell.

More later…


7 thoughts on “Progress Report 4

  1. Oh you! You’re such a tease! I guess I’ll just have to wait, which I’m not much good at. Any of those places sound good to me, but can you give any clues on time period? Please? Huh?


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