Short Stories & Kindle Unlimited: The good, the bad, and the whacko

Short stories, and how to get them published…




I will make two points in this article:

  1. Don’t sweat the myth that Kindle Unlimited promotes shorter works. It doesn’t.
  2. There is an opportunity to market shorter works through Kindle Unlimited. But it won’t be easy.

If you have short stories that you want to market on Kindle, the second point will present ideas for how to do this effectively.

However, as the first point will stress, Kindle Unlimited won’t open the door for the get-rich-quickly-through-short-works bandwagon.

I’ll explain why I believe that Kindle Unlimited doesn’t actually favor short fiction, while at the same time showing that it is possible to market short stories.

It’s not really contradictory: The key is that selling shorter works is neither easy, automatic, nor obvious. This explains why most short pieces won’t take off, even though it will be possible to market them effectively.


A big myth going around…

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7 thoughts on “Short Stories & Kindle Unlimited: The good, the bad, and the whacko

  1. I got a short story on Kindle too, Talking Crows, alongside my 2 novels: An Empire Of Traitors and A Heretical Divide. Amazon has not price-matched it yet to free. Still, I’m staying away from select and unlimited. Fair competition is seminal in my book.
    Jack, if you have time, check out my black-humored short story Talking Crows.


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