It’s Confession Time


If you are a man of a certain age, you have already lived a lot longer than millions of others. If like me, you are a widower with no immediate family, and a senior citizen, you are entitled to a few pleasures in your twilight years.

In my case, especially when I’m writing or researching, I enjoy a glass or two of my favourite brand of English bitter each day – John Smith’s. The other pleasure for me while writing is to be able to create a rollup and smoke it. In my case, these days I prefer Amber Leaf tobacco.

Unlike the vast majority today, whether or not I die from smoking tobacco, or supping a pint or two each day simply doesn’t bother me. I’d rather die happy than miserable, especially when I read about various individuals dying, allegedly having led ‘healthy’ lives, eating organic this and that; refraining from alcohol in any form, and never ever smoking during their lifetimes, not forgetting, participating in some form of exercise regime.

I have to ask myself – why then did they die? In the case of the males, it was probably because of the lifestyles enforced upon them by family, their doctor, and society in general. Far too many men die comparatively young these days from stress related illnesses, brought on by the current mania and fashion for healthy living and working insanely long hours.

I can hear all of the lovely ladies who follow my blog, and others like you out there, tut-tutting as you read this confession of mine. I’m sorry to disappoint you all. No amount of castigation on your part will deter me. Think about it for a moment if you will. Would you rather I was content in my dotage, or not?

Face it ladies, I am who I am. I eat and drink what I like, not what you would have me believe is good for me. However, I no longer eat fatty foods. As you get older, your body simply can’t handle certain things like animal fats. Never the less ladies, I still enjoy being a carnivore, eating meat products of all kinds.

Happiness is growing old disgracefully…


26 thoughts on “It’s Confession Time

    • These days stress is part and parcel of modern living for far too many, especially for those who need to work to earn a wage Chris. Which begs the question, how did our parent’s generation survive? Could it be because they didn’t work all hours of the day and night. For the most part their weekends were the time shared relaxing with their families, unlike today when so many simply don’t have that luxury anymore.

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  1. You are beyond the point at which most of today’s received wisdom in dietary matters would have any significant salutary effect on your existence and longevity. Consuming what pleases you is the key to your quality of life, now, which is also why the most important jobs in any retirement home are performed by members of the dietary department. This has always been my position, and I am a retired Registered Nurse.


      • If anything you put into your body was going to kill you, it would have done so, by now. My father died at age 48 from a heart attack. He was a strong and physically fit construction worker, although a hard drinker and heavy smoker. My mother is an abstaining alcoholic, but she still smokes heavily, and she just turned 82. As a young adult, I decided not to indulge in those or other recreational drugs (nor do I drink coffee or tea), but otherwise I’ve always eaten what I please (including plenty of saturated fat), and the results of every diagnostic test I’ve undergone recently for cardiac function and vascular disease have come back squeaky clean. My disabilities have to do with motor vehicle accident trauma, and an autoimmune disorder that will bring about my demise. I salute you, Jack, with my mug of cocoa, over what, in my country, passes for a full English.


  2. None of us are perfect, but I lost my mom to lung cancer when she was 56. I wish she’d never picked up that first cigarette. So, I’m kinda biased on the smoking issue.

    That being said, I’m a chocoholic, I love red wine, and I don’t exercise nearly enough. Always room for improvement, but we do have to enjoy ourselves a bit or what’s the point? 🙂


    • Your right Mysti. We all deserve to enjoy ourselves.
      Both my parents smoked. They died from differing forms of cancer, mum at 55 from cancer of the larynx, and dad from lung cancer. In his case, he spent all of his life using highly toxic sprays in the days when no one wore any kind of mask.


      • Being retired does have a few advantages over those still working Sarah. We may no longer be bringing home bulging wage packets, and as a consequence, paying exorbitant amounts of tax. Instead we are obliged to rely on our pensions to pay the bills, feed and cloth ourselves on far less than we were used to. Just because we’re no longer in employment doesn’t mean we should just sit and vegetate. Just so long as we still have all our marbles, I say enjoy each day. 🙂


      • Carpe diem, certainly. I’m a couple of years off retirement but I certainly shan’t be vegetating. Can’t think of anything worse. My chap is retired and neither of us have ever brought home bulging wage packets so it’s just business as usual. 🙂


    • Yet despite the low percentage Nicholas, the Health and Safety brigade constantly try to turn people away from all tobacco products. Here in the UK and Europe, the latest idiotic pronouncement from the EU is to ban all E-cigarettes being smoked in public places. Despite the fact that there is no proof whatsover that they cause any kind of harm, the health nazis insist it happens!
      If all governments really believed that all tobacco products were so dangerous, they would automatically ban them. But, as they make billions from tobacco, it will never happen… 😉

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      • Here in Greece we have the same problem. Some 50% of the population is smoking normal ciggies, with all the health troubles attributed to them, but they’re clamping down on e-cigarettes because they *might* be unhealthy.

        So, basically, they prohibit something that *might* be unhealthy, in favour of something that is proven to be unhealthy.



      • Oh no, I’m sure this has nothing to do with it. Or that Greece, with its high number of tobacco producing farmers, has failed time and again to implement the legislation against smoking in restaurants and cafes.

        No sir, that is all just a coincidence. And, by the way, you’re a cynic. 😀


  3. The Creator gave us freedom of will and choice. It is up to this same Creator when our time to leave this earth is to be. I see nothing wrong with a brew here or there or a smoke. I also see nothing wrong with the occasional Starbuck’s coffee, chocolate and friendship! 🙂


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