Writing – Passion or Obsession?


If you are a writer, what we do becomes one of two things, either a passion or an obsession. Some new writers simply can’t, or won’t, take the time to pace themselves. It appears that they are driven by an impossible dream – to become famous at any cost!

As we progress, we all learn our craft. We all make mistakes along the way, and hopefully, we learn from them. With some of the obsessives, they either don’t care, or they ignore all of their mistakes and errors in their quest for fame and fortune. All that matters to them is quantity, not quality.

Because of the obsessive’s attitude towards writing, no matter that we are either conventional or Indie writers, we are all lumped in with them when it comes to the increasing amount of criticism we all encounter each time we produce a book for publication. It doesn’t help that the review system of many publishing outlets has degenerated to the point where it is no longer a place to find fair, unbiased opinions on a book, written by normal people with no grudge to bear towards the author of the book being demonized by the self appointed armchair critics and pedants that frequent all review sites today.

It’s bad enough that writers are constantly being taken to task by grammar nazis over something like a split infinitive, without armchair critics and other assorted self-appointed guardians of literature, or as I prefer to think of them, stick-in-the-muds trapped in a timewarp of their own making, chipping in with their often totally wrong so-called ‘reviews’.

So what is to be done? Simple! Take a long hard look at why it is you write. If your are an obssesive, wanting to become an overnight success – forget it! Most so-called overnight success stories in writing took decades of practice to achieve. If you can’t pace yourself and learn, then may I suggest you find some other craft to destroy in your attempt to become one?

Leave writing to those of us who are prepared to learn through experience, taking the tried and true long route…

15 thoughts on “Writing – Passion or Obsession?

  1. I can only reference myself. I have written every day since the 1950’s. Sometimes little whimsical things, other times caught up in getting a massive idea to paper. I never cared if anyone ever read them, honestly, it was just something I felt I needed to do. Still feel that way. I wrote a story on toilet paper once and sent it home from Vietnam so I guess that was ‘obsessive’. But that is just me.


  2. I have no delusions of overnight success since I’ve been at this for several years now. What I’m learning is that you really have no chance at success unless you keep writing and putting things out there. This isn’t to say rushing unedited work into the readersphere, but consistently working and making progress until you get a finished product.


    • Exactly Mysti. Like most crafts, to succeed we must be prepared for the long haul. A lot of new writers believe that the book or books they dash out in the tens each year will be successful and that they will become rich and be showered with awards and praise. Those of us who have been writing for years know differently. There are no shortcuts. Only hard work. 😉


  3. It’s been a passion since I wrote my first poem on the wall in crayon. Just more focused now. Guess you could say I’m now in obsession mode after waiting all these years to finally have time to write. LOL Good post Jack!


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