Another Week!

Michael brings up some salutary lessons for us all.


And so another week passes.

The internet is growing to be a dangerous place, I think. In one week I’ve had three invitations per day asking me to give my money to people. Yes, they are casino operations, but I don’t care. These gambling sites are not designed to provide me with money, they are designed specifically to take money out of my bank and magically transfer it to theirs. Well, apologies, but I’m not interested. Which is why I’ve tried to “unsubscribe” from them all, why I’ve registered with sites to block their inane emails, and attempted to eradicate them from my life. Sadly, none of it works. Only today I received an email from a gentleman asking if I’d allow a casino to advertise on my blog. He wanted to pay me fifty quid for the opportunity.

I need money. Not that badly, though.

That isn’t the only…

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