If It Looks Too Good To Be True …

The state of the ruling political party here in the UK.


So, this weekend we’ve lost another minister in the government. A man who is no doubt presently working hard today to keep his marriage together.

What happened? Well, a man of moderate age, Brooks Newmark (crazy name, crazy damn fool) was sent texts and messages. These purported to come from Sophie, a young woman who was a keen supporter of his party and worked for it in PR. She and he had various conversations before they went private, sending texts. She sent some of herself, he reciprocated. He asked for candid shots, she complied, and he sent her one too. I think we can guess what it might have included. Below the belt, anyway.

Except, of course, the girl wasn’t a party activist: it was a male reporter.

Today we also hear that a twitter user has been jailed for 18 weeks because he retweeted and circulated messages asking for…

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