Progress Report 7


It might even be located here…

Well folks, I can report that I have now outlined four chapters (seven thousand, five hundred + words). I’m really getting into the flow of the story – thank goodness. I still don’t know how long it will be – short story, novella or novel. As I said in a previous ‘Progress’ post, it all depends on how it pans out. I will say that it definitely has a certain scifi element to it. But mainly it is a physical adventure story about searching for a people and a place. That’s about it this time round, other than the fact that with this book, I’m relying heavily on the vocal interaction between the two principle characters.

I’ve got the beginnings of Chapter Five swilling around in my mind. I must get it down and sorted. More later.

PS – I’m toying with the idea of making this book less of a target for the trolls by only publishing it as a paperback. We’ll see. I may just decide to say “to hell with them” and just publish it as my seventh eBook as well as a paperback…


6 thoughts on “Progress Report 7

  1. Do not let the trolls dictate what you do Jack. As well as depriving readers the opportunity to their choice of format. You are the better person and as Ann says , “They are the weakest link.”


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