Progress Report 8


It might even be located here…

Well, I’ve just finished outlining Chapter Six. Things are beginning to get complicated, or should that read –  the plot is taking on a life of its own dictating what will happen next? I’ve just inserted yet another Red Herring. I had no choice, the plot demanded it, so there! That’s the fifth one to date – I think. You’ll have to take my word for it for now. The word count now stands at 11,232.

I have to admit it, I’m really having fun. Thinking about it, I’m in totally new territory in that I have temporarily departed from the way I’ve written up to now. This book is completely different from my normal practice of writing books that I personally want to read. But then again, even though that is the case, it is intriguing enough to hold my interest. That may sound a bit screwy as I’m its author. But my fellow writers out there will understand (I hope).

Sticking with one writing formula doesn’t necessarily compute. There is a tendency for you’re writing to become stale. Let’s face it, as writers we’ve all felt like we were producing fomulaic stuff from time to time haven’t we? With six mostly successful books under my belt, it’s time to experiment. What have I got to lose with number seven? Nothing. Either it appeals, or it doesn’t. The point is, I’m thoroughly enjoying writing it.

I chatted with Chris, aka The Story Reading Ape yesterday. As you may know he is a dab hand at making book covers for a reasonable cost that won’t break my bank balance. I sent him an email spelling out what I was looking for this time. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with.

At the moment I have three, no make that four, chief characters. Besides the main character Dr Gilbert Briggs, who is English, two are New Zealanders like myself. In fact they’re based on two friends I worked alongside during my days at The University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand. I use pure ‘kiwi’ when either of them speak. The fourth is a ‘god’, or is he? You’ll have to wait and see. I’m about to introduce two more characters in the next couple of chapters, not necessarily human.

In the past I’ve published ‘snippets’ of one or two of my books here on my blog. Sorry folks, with this one, the more you are curious about it, the better. How will it be received? Well, that’s in the lap of the gods, if you’ll pardon the pun. Earlier in a previous ‘Progress’ post I said that it has a certain science fiction element about it. While that’s true, think of various myths and legends from the past concerning gods. Some of them are involved. No, I’m not telling you which ones.


PS  – I’m taking a well deserved rest until Monday morning. Meanwhile I’ll continue cogitating over whether it will be an eBook, or a Paperback, or both…

9 thoughts on “Progress Report 8

  1. The advent of print-on-demand takes the effort of cogitating out of the equation. You find an outfit whose terms appeal to you (free setup, formatting template, and non-transferable ISBN; decent royalty rate and distribution; no exclusivity demands, and you keep all your rights), you advertise how to get your book in paper, and if people want it, they order direct from the POD, who deduct their printing expenses and split the remainder with you. Some PODs also offer free e-book formatting and distribution, with similar royalty terms, or else you can e-publish elsewhere, under a different ISBN. There’s no up-front investment, and you have the benefit of a distribution channel to readers who can’t or won’t buy digital-only.


      • Those who don’t know are often the ones who feel intimidated by what they perceive to be the complexity of the whole Indie publishing experience. This notion may be fostered by entrenched traditionalists, who may benefit from the resulting hesitancy to commit to an active rather than a passive publishing plan. We who have survived what is often represented as a Wild West free-for-all, can do much to allay our colleagues’ fears.

        In addition, I believe that the decision to say “No, thanks,” to the cap-in-hand, forelock-tugging query route of traditional publishing is a firm step towards diminishing the power of trolls. By our confident taking of multiple publishing options on our own terms, we authors consolidate our positions on the high ground of our vocation, and nullify the vindictive whingeing of armchair critics in the valleys.

        Thanks for the loan of the soapbox. You can have it back, now. 😉


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