Cyber Bullying On GoodReads

It’s to be expected given that it is now wholly owned and controlled by Amazon, who allow cyber bullies to attack anyone and everyone who publishes books. A lot of rhetoric abounds from both sites about ridding themselves of the problem, and yet to date nothing positive has happened. While I’m all for freedom of speech, there are limits!

Cyber Bullying On GoodReads.

5 thoughts on “Cyber Bullying On GoodReads

  1. If YOU are a victim of cyberbullying – make your FIRST response – NO RESPONSE – it will only encourage the bullies and subject you to further hassle.
    Make your SECOND response – REPORT the bully and comments to the relevant ‘Authorities’ on Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, or wherever it is happening.
    THEN FORGET ABOUT IT – Life is too short to waste further time on it 😀


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