7 thoughts on “Is this the world’s oldest secret code?

  1. The carvings look more like textile patterns of clothing to me Jack, unless there are codes I can’t see 😀
    Nevertheless, a remarkable find, highlighting again that our ancestors were not all ‘dumb brutes’ but had sensibilities and intellect comparable to ours 😀


  2. Secret code? Probably not. The researchers quoted in the article voice a lot of speculations, but none of them make as much sense as the calendar interpretation made in one of the reader comments. And there’s a lot going for Chris TSRA’s textile-pattern decoration observation.

    I think the location of the carving provides some important clues: It was found under four meters of peat on the site of a gold strip-mine. The simplest explanation: It was a totem pole carved into the trunk of a tall, possibly dead, larch tree standing beside a bog on land where a precious metal was being mined, and its message was: “This is our gold mine, so keep out! Our clan is big enough to whup your arse if you steal our bling.” Perhaps those people were eventually overcome by a bigger clan whose members chopped down the tree and tipped it into the bog, or maybe the original family just died out and the tree rotted at the roots and fell into the bog. Who knows? But I like my story, and I’ll probably use it in a novel. 😉


    • Well said Christine. It always amuses me when academics come across something like this and automatically cetegorise it as either ‘Ritual’, or ‘Religious’ instead of simply saying, “I’m sorry, I don’t have a clue. Your guess is a good as mine.” The television archaology series ‘Time Team’ is a classic example of their way of thinking.


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