What’s Your Style?


Have you ever thought about the way you write? We’re not talking about subject matter here. That’s another thing entirely. I’m talking about your writing style. Developing your own doesn’t happen over night, It takes years to perfect. At the beginning you may unconsciously write in a similar fashion to one or more of your literary heroes. But gradually you will find that the way you write has become unique to yourself.

I am reading the second in a science fiction trilogy by a friend, Nicholas C Rossis. Having read the first book I was struck by how much his writing style reminded me of the way Isaac Asimov, best known for his Foundation Series, wrote back in the day. I’m not insulting Nicholas, merely pointing out an example of how we are all influenced, consciously or otherwise, by the way others write.

The other day while perusing Facebook, I came across one of those idiotic “Who Are You Most Like” things. This particular one concerned well known writers. All you had to do was insert a passage from something you had written. I chose a paragraph from one of my blog posts instead of one of my books. Instantly it compared my writing style to the horror writer H.P. Lovecraft! I wasn’t sure whether to feel insulted or flattered. Thinking about it I’m plumping for the former. After all, I’ve never written anything that could be classed as horror. Although certain among the Internet Troll community may think otherwise.

I dread to think what the idiotic comparison thing would have said if I’d supplied it with a sample from my latest novella. One thing is certain, it wouldn’t have compared me to Hans Christian Anderson, or Dr Seuss.

The brothers Grimm, maybe…


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