Thoughts on Cataclysm’s three day giveaway


Well, its finally over. After three days a mere one hundred and nineteen free copies were taken up. That may not sound like much. But believe me, from my point of view it’s good. Loosing US$246.26 in royalties is a worthwhile financial sacrifice to bring the novella to the attention of a wider audience. Plus, with such a low number of free copies out there, means that the book stands a better chance of it not being targeted.

Had I set the three day period from Friday until Sunday, there would have been far more copies seized upon, meaning that my financial loss would have been far greater. Plus with the increase in numbers it would also mean that inevitably it would be subjected to far more vicious one star reviews by trolls, armchair critics and pedants than it will now.


If you are interested, here is the distribution breakdown by Amazon outlet:

Amazon United States – 89

Amazon United Kingdom – 15

Amazon Germany – 6

Amazon France – 0

Amazon Spain – 0

Amazon Italy – 0

Amazon Netherlands – 0

Amazon Japan – 1

Amazon India – 1

Amazon Canada – 6

Amazon Brazil – 0

Amazon Mexico – 0

Amazon Australia – 1


The above is a fairly normal distribution when it comes to free copies. As you can see in six of the countries where Amazon has outlets, there were no copies taken. That is also normal as English is generally not in use, not even as a second language.

So, if you are thinking of offering any eBook of yours for free, and you don’t want your book to be bombarded by one star troll reviews, choose Wednesday to Friday to minimize the chances.

PS – Knowing the number of free copies are out there, it will be interesting to see how many of them generate any kind of review…


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