Why should any writer bother to update an eBook?

As you will all know, in a recent post I said that I was giving one of my books a much needed spring clean. Thinking about it I sent the following email to Amazon:

Dear Amazon, a thought occurred earlier today. Why is it that when a writer uploads a second, third, fourth, tenth incarnation of their work that the relevant eBook on peoples various Kindles, Kindle for PC and Smart Phone apps, isn’t automatically updated? After all through KDP you always inform us of something that needs changing.


This morning I received the following reply from Amazon’s eBook publishing arm Kindle Direct Publishing:

Hello Jack,
Thank you for contacting Kindle Direct Publishing.
I understand your concern regarding the automatic updates to books.
At this time, customers who have purchased a Kindle book cannot automatically download the revised content.
Our technical team is aware of this issue and working to automate this process.
Publisher feedback serves an important role in helping us to improve our platform and provide better service.
Thanks for taking time to offer us your thoughts.
Have a nice day!


Note the word ‘purchased’.

In other words – go take a hike mister! No writer enjoys being given what amounts to the ‘Bums Rush’, least of all me.

All of this begs the simple question, why if they cannot automatically update, do they bother to notify the author(s) of any given eBook about any errors, insisting they be fixed? You would have thought that rather than merely pay lip service to what amounts to one sided quality control on the part of the author, that they would at least follow through at their end after a writer had taken the time and trouble to do what he or she was asked.

The current KDP publishing system is a total nonsense. Even so I shall continue to clean up Glob’s tales as promised, come hell or high water…


4 thoughts on “Why should any writer bother to update an eBook?

  1. What’s worse is that if the customer knows that you’ve updated it, the customer will become very frustrating trying to delete the old edition and purchase the edition… (unless KDP agrees to push the updated edition to customers’ Kindles).


  2. I had thought at first that KDP already does that. Only when frustrated friends notified me they couldn’t read the latest version did I realize this was a problem. I hope Amazon changes their software to automatically push the latest versions, although I expect this could be problematic from an IT point of view. Even they don’t have infinite resources.


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