2 thoughts on “Don’t Cheat At Blogging Because It Is Publishing | Just Publishing

  1. When I first started blogging and found that the Re-blog facility wasn’t available outside WordPress, I copied and pasted a portion of any interesting article and used one of the images they had used, then provided a link for people to go read the rest of the article, all the while thinking I was giving them publicity and additional visitors!
    Then one day I got an email from one such site advising me that I had contravened copyright regulations by doing so and to remove the offending article from my blog – which I did immediately and returned their email with apologies and confirmation that the said article had been removed – however, it had been re-blogged by several others, from my blog, and I had forwarded them a copy of the complaint, but had no control over them regards removal, etc.
    Cutting to the chase – I now provide ONLY the photo and link, giving full credit to the article originator and leave it up to my blog visitors to click through to read the article.
    As do you Jack 😀


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