Just Because You Can…

A message to anyone thinking of being nasty.

Author Mysti Parker

…Doesn’t mean you should.

Recently, there have been at least two newsworthy author vs. reviewer incidents. I won’t mention names or provide links because I don’t think they deserve more publicity. However, from what I’ve read about each story, the reviewers involved weren’t innocent sheep. They said some very inflammatory, antagonistic things online, and unfortunately the situations escalated–one of them resulted in a physical attack, the other in a stalking.

Let’s get one thing straight. NO ONE deserves to be physically attacked for saying something mean on the internet. The nature of the internet “beast” is that we feel safe behind our anonymous avatars. So safe, in fact, that some of us say things we would never say to another person’s face.

This is where the problem begins.Stop_think

We live in an age of entitlement, in which some are so obsessed with their rights to “free speech”, that they think anything goes. And…

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Of Goblins and Other Things

What's next on the agenda?

Obadiah Fingletook, the Grand High Goblin

This is the second progress report on the state of play with the new version of Glob’s Tales. I have just finished re-doing the eighteenth tale “I Want To Go Home”. That leaves just twelve more to go. Producing an up to date version of any book, means a lot of re-editing and some sentence reconstruction.

Since I brought Glob’s tales to everyone’s attention in my recent blog post on the thirteenth of this month, https://havewehadhelp.wordpress.com/2014/11/13/a-question-for-you-all/,  I can now announce that its sales have improved immensely. Thank you to all who have bought a copy, via Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada.

As for my latest novella Cataclysm, apart from the number given away during the three day promotion, its sales are also climbing via Amazon US and Amazon UK.

Once again, thank you to one and all.

PS – At long last CreateSpace has stopped bickering over the technicalities of setting up Cataclysm to become a paperback. I am now waiting for the proof copy. If it meets my standards, it will soon be available for purchase alongside its eBook cousin.

😀 😀 😀

“Man, the novella I’m working on is so emotionally draining.”


What we’re talking about here is one writer’s admission that whether she realises it or not, she is finally getting totally inside the heads of her characters. She is a dear friend from across the pond in the US State of Kentucky.

She said to me recently while we were chatting on Facebook, “man, the novella I’m working on is so emotionally draining.” To which I replied, “Congratulations, you are finally allowing your characters to take you over.” Meaning that in effect she has stopped trying to dictate what her characters get up to, by following a preconceived plan, to become a reporter of her character’s every move as they write the story for her.

Untill you as the writer first get to know and believe in your characters, no matter whether they are good or bad, how can you possibly expect your readers to do the same thing when they read your book? In a lot of cases these days, so many characters in books are one dimensional to the point where I have to wonder why the author of the book included them in the first place. In other words, unless you invest all of you’re time and energy in your main characters, in effect they are nothing more than peripheral to the story. The concept cannot be taught no matter what some may say. To achieve it you have to allow the story to write itself. Yes it is emotionally exhausting. That’s the way it should be for the author of any book.

My friend has finally emerged from the chrysalis stage of her career, to become the writing equivalent of a beautiful butterfly. In other words, a fully fledged writer.

I’m so proud of you Mysti Parker, so very proud. 😀 xx



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Update Progress Report

I’m happy to report that the Glob’s Tales update is progressing very nicely. So far I’ve worked my way through the first twelve of the thirty interelated short stories. That leaves eighteen more to go. Thirty short stories may not sound like much, but the word count is 84,374 making the anthology novel length. No pressure then. I’d better get back to it. LOL. 😉

Since I found out the other day that Amazon will not be automatically updating all of the existing eBook copies out there, due to their never having considered introducing the service, once this new edition is ready, what I propose to do instead is to make it available either as a totally free .pdf file, or a free Kindle .mobi file via this blog. Whether or not I can add it to a post like this I don’t know. I’ll have to experiment. Maybe Chris The Story Reading Ape knows how to go about it? Here’s hoping he does. So Goblindom fans, if you want your free copy of the adventures of Glob, Bejuss, Neo, Byz, Make and Mous, watch this space over the next week or two.

There is another reason why I’m doing this. It’s to reaquaint myself with the gang and Goblindom itself. This may give you a clue as to why:

The Time Before Cover

It is the cover featuring the Goblin Queen – Persephone Witchclaw, that Chris made for the prequal to Globular Van der Graff’s Goblin Tales for Adults (click on it to see it properly). So you see I’m not merely updating Glob’s tales, I’m also doing my homework in order to write The Time Before at sometime in the near future.

PS – I’ll upload the update to KDP later, much later…

😀 😀

Pseudo experts, the cross we all have to bear

BinALxTCAAE5GPt.jpg large

Have you ever noticed that no matter what the subject, there will always be certain individuals who assume that they know more about it than anyone else? Take writing for instance. In this case the only ones who can be labelled true experts are writers with books selling in their tens of thousands, despite what any editor or gate keeper may say! If like myself you are fortunate to fall within this category as a successful published Indie writer, it’s bad enough that you instantly come to the attention of non writers in the form of trolls without armchair critics, grammar nazis, pedants, and worst of all, self appointed editors adding to the mix.

I’m sorry to disillusion you all, but just because you may have a degree in English in one form or another, it does not give you the right to poke your often ill informed oar in.

When any of the aforementioned offer their opinion in the form of a review for one of your books, or as a comment to a post on your blog, they automatically assume that even though you are successful, that somehow or other they know far more about the subject of writing than you do. There is very little any writer can do about the former. But when it comes to commenting on our blogs, please remember we hold the power of veto!

I have lost count of how many times I have felt tempted to simply ask them – Ok, tell me, how many books have you written and had published which have become best sellers?

These people really should take a moment to get over their envy or jealousy of our success before they start preaching to any writer. The day I take notice of anyone remotely on the periphery of the writing world, is the day when they can back up what they say with the numbers to prove their expertise. In this particular instance I’m talking numbers of books sold!

If you want to criticise, it’s simple, have one or more books written by you become best sellers. We writers tend to talk among ourselves, critique each other, and above all we make each other aware of total plonkers.

You have been warned!