Totally Illogical Practices


Illogical adj. lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning


For anyone who isn’t a writer, and doesn’t deal with Amazon other than to purchase items from them, here is a classic example of the mindset of those individuals employed by Amazon that all writers have to endlessly do battle with.


A few days ago, in order to get everything ready for the launch of Goblin Tales I first went to my page on Kindle Direct Publishing to unpublish its former incarnation – Globular Van der Graff’s “Goblin tales for Adults.” One edition down, one to go.

Next I went to CreatSpace to do the same for the paperback version. Unlike KDP, CreatSpace does not have the facility for the author of the book to do the deed. So I sent them an email from their ‘contact us’ facility, which as it turned out went straight to KDP, requesting that they ‘retire’ it from my list of paperback editions. A few hours later, I received an email stating they had done as I asked and that it was no longer available for sale. All fine and dandy you would think, right?

I then went to my Author’s Page on both main sites for sales of my books – and, to check. Sure enough the Kindle version no longer showed. But, the paperback version was still up. So I made further enquiries. According to Amazon, the paperback version could not be eliminated from my Author’s Page, just in case someone who owned a copy might want to sell it back to them.

The very fact that no more than ten paperback copies were bought, most of them by myself to give to friends, probably hadn’t registered with the mental retards Amazon employs. Had they bothered to check the sales they would have known this!

To prove my point about them being idiots, I recieved the following in a ‘no reply’ email from Amazon this morning:-

At this time we cannot accept the following suggestions. We cannot remove a book(s) from an authors page when the author in question is indeed the one who wrote the book.

If that’s the case, who the hell can remove it if not the author of the work?

While they don’t complain when an author unpublishes a Kindle version of a book, why is it that they say no to removing the paperback version. After all, Amazon’s ‘resale’ system also works for any and all Kindle eBooks!!!!

This is a classic example of how differing departments within Amazon, fail to follow the same rules, nor talk to one another. The way Amazon’s minions operate at the moment under all three banners, to say the very least, is incomprehensible, let alone illogical…

PS – So, if you are perusing my books on Amazon, please take note. The paperback version of Globular Van der Graff’s “Goblin Tales for Adults” is no longer available. For that matter, neither is my science fiction space opera Onet’s Tale, even though both of them still appear.


13 thoughts on “Totally Illogical Practices

  1. The explanation is simple Jack, and no Amazon’s employees are not idiots. Amazon’s policy is based on controlling your copyrighted material and to, at every turn, try to get control of your copyrighted works from you.


    • You haven’t seen their latest idiotic statement Rick. I quote from yet another No Reply email from them :- “To provide the best possible customer and reader experience, we include all titles and formats available on in your bibliography. This includes works both in and out-of-print.”

      Still say they’re not idiots? 😉


  2. OMG, you said the word “retards”. You do realize that Certain Troll Authors accuse us of hating disabled people when that word is uttered. Of course, it’s just one of the many things on their “list” they use to trash other authors.


  3. I feel your pain. My original publisher sold the rights to another publisher. That publisher is now out of business. Supposedly the rights reverted back to me, per contract – which means nothing to Amazon. BUT, the old publisher still has it up, Amazon won’t take it down, so I can’t republish… it is a nightmare. I found another publisher to handle the problem. We retitled and did some rewrite, I just hope Amazon doesn’t hit us with plagiarism. BTW, I got that ‘old story’ too about it must be available for those who might want to resell their copies. I think the link to actually buy is NOW down at Amazon, but for a couple of years, it remained, if there were sales, I didn’t see any royalty. The publisher was absolutely silent, even to my registered letter. All Amazon offers now for this particular book are new and used from other ‘dealers’ whoever they are. Good luck taking on Goliath.

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