Moronic attitudes, born of ignorance

Cameron and Miliband

It always amazes me how certain individuals among us can be so damned stupid in their political beliefs and attitudes. I got caught up in a Facebook conversation with an ignoramus recently that got me thinking. According to him anyone who wasn’t a Conservative politician or supporter was a communist. It didn’t matter what argument I put forward, or which political party I made mention of, his immediate response was “they’re all commies.” My parting shot to him was, “sir, you are an idiot!” I don’t suffer fools. Then the sod had the cheek to send me a friend request. Needless to say I didn’t take up the offer. So, what I’m about to say is for that particular mental defective and any others who may be lurking in the shadows.


While the current government screws the country, saying that what they are doing is good for the economy, when it comes to looking for a politicial party that does not share the same view, at the moment there is none. Whether you vote Conservative, Labour, Liberal Democrat, UK Independence, Green, Respect, or for any of the others, remember that these days ultimately they all sing from the same right of center hymn sheet.

In the old days there were only two political parties with clearly established differences. The Conservatives represented the priviledged and big business, as they still do today, while Labour championed the working classes, backed by the unions and the various communist parties. Yes there were strikes, yes there were pay disputes between management and trade unions. Yes there were go slows and work to rule. But back then the politicians were forced to listen to what the voters said, and woebetide any of them that didn’t.

These days there is no such thing as a UK political party of the people, by the people, for the people. Those days are long gone. The only difference among the current two major parties is in their names. Today’s Labour party only pays lipservice to the principals on which it was originally formed back in 1900, preferring to follow the pack. For anyone to claim that any party other than the Conservatives are communist is laughable, and yet certain individuals with a low IQ stupidly hold to this totally nonsensicle notion.

When the election occurs on the 7th of May next year, anyone with half a brain who wants to see any improvement in their personal circumstances will be hard put to decide who to vote for, given what I have just said. Remember this when you go to vote – all politicians are inveterate liars. If you are foolish enough to swallow what they say about looking after you, providing you vote for them, don’t complain when you find out that despite a new government being in power, nothing has changed for the better of the country at large. The only people who benefit from politics are politicians. There is no such thing as an honourable one any more. Lastly, don’t just vote for a party because your family always has. Use your brain. Work out which of the parties on offer is the least repugnant and vote for its local MP.

Of course if none of them appeal, there is always the Monster Raving Loony Party…


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