How I hate Bureaucracy!


I’ve just spent approximately half an hour on Kindle Direct Publishing and Creatspace, both Amazon subsidiaries, playing what amounts to silly beggars. Or at least that’s the way I look upon the fact that every ninety days or so, both entities ask all contributing writers to reassert who we are, and in my case, that I am not an American citizen. Who the hell else would we be but ourselves? How many times must we endure this time wasting nonsense from these moronic idiots?

It was a little different from the normal pain in the arse check and verify nonsense this time. Because the EU has decided to tax a book’s sale in the country of the buyer, I was required to add my Income Tax number to all of the other personal information Amazon deems necessary. Thanks to the gnomes in charge in Brussells, like many other writers, I fully expect my EU sales to decrease even further than they already are. After all, why would anyone want to pay an inflated price for an eBook or paperback just to enable the EU to gain an unearned profit? The whole affair is total nonsense! Well in my case they won’t make enough for a biscuit, let alone a Latte.

What’s the betting that when the EU realises that the majority of my sales are in the US, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, Japan, India and New Zealand, all non EU countries, that they demand tax from those countries?

Good luck trying that one gnomes. I don’t fancy your chances…


7 thoughts on “How I hate Bureaucracy!

  1. And, sadly, the higher prices on books will likely drive even more readers to pirate copies. A loss all the way around for writers, readers, and (yes) even tax collectors who will drive down sales and see even less tax revenue than they had thought they’d get. Such is bureaucracy and its machinations.


  2. Jack, I do not think there is a minimum. I believe this to be a bid by big publishers to once again put the screws to Indie-publishers and authors like ourselves in order to re-secure their market share.


    • Sorry to disillusion you Gordon, but the European Union is not linked with any publishing house. It is an amalgamation of all the european countries, including this one (the UK). Each member state either does what its told by the bureaucracy, or else…


  3. Not all contributing writers. They don’t do that to me, probably because I am an American citizen. That is, CreateSpace doesn’t do that to me. I’ve never published anything through any of the various iterations of Kindle. I know that Kindle wants everybody who does live in their stable to renew their contract every 90 days. Maybe that has something to do with it. I wonder, if you dropped KDP and e-published elsewhere (in the UK or EU), what manner of hate and discontent an outfit on your side of the pond would put you through.


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