Writing the Hook


The setting is Valles Marineris on Mars

Well, In the last few days I’ve been going over several often diametrically opposed scenarios for my new science fiction novel in my mind. I have finally eliminated all but one of them. So, now that’s settled, all I have to do is come up with the hook.

What’s a hook Jack?

I’m glad you asked me that reader. It’s a devise all writers need to employ to get your attention. In other words – we need to dangle enticing bait in front of you as an avid reader, not to mention those who normally couldn’t be bothered to read a book. You know the ones I mean, those who prefer to watch films or play endless video games instead of improving their minds with a book.

If you want an example of a hook just think back to when you last visited your local book store, or clicked on the See Inside feature of any eBook you care to name. If those first few critical sentences didn’t get your attention, chances are you moved on to the next book.

Perfecting the art of writing the hook comes through trial and error combined with years of writing experience. No writer always gets it right. But that doesn’t mean we don’t continue to perfect the art of creating the device with each new book we write. There lies the difficulty. Each new story demands its own unique hook. No two hooks are the same. How can they be? Think about it for a moment…

As for the main body of research for this new story, I’m pretty well there. Of course while I’m engaged in writing, there will be times when I’ll be doing a spot of on the job research. Even though it’s science fiction, (emphasis on the word fiction) there will still be a few who will say “that bit is not right!” Like most of their ilk, they always feel they know best. Even when you tell them, this story is not fact, it’s fiction, they will still endlessly argue the point with you, if you let them. If you write full time, as I do, you will know the particular kind of argumentative pain in the behind I’m talking about.

So, after I’ve woken up tomorrow morning, turned on the heater, consumed a pot of coffee and smoked a couple of roll-up cigarettes, I’ll begin to write the hook, after grabbing a beer for later on when I read it through that is…


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