The Guardian – Another Progress Report


Is one of these The Guardian?

As I’m halfway through writing chapter two of The Guardian, I need to take a break while I do some more thinking. Without giving too much away, I will say that at this stage in the novel there is an undeniable sexual tension gradually developing between the two main human characters – Adler and Lynne. Whether or not they become lovers, I haven’t decided yet.

I’ve just introduced a third human character Professor Ephraim Adelmann, an old friend of Adler’s. Lynne is not best pleased by his attitude towards women.

Like most of the academics I formerly worked with for twenty-five years at the University of Waikato back in New Zealand, while academically brilliant, Ephraim wouldn’t last five minutes in the real world. His speciality is ancient languages. I based him on a particular academic I have admired for years who works in the British Museum, Irving Finkel, who is an acknowledged expert on ancient languages.


          Irving Finkel

I’m finding it difficult not to spill the beans when it comes to clues regarding The Guardian, which is why I constantly need to step back and seriously think about what I am going to say next. In the past, especially with my archaeological adventure The Forgotten Age it was fairly obvious what was going on. As a consequence it was an easy book to write. Well not this time. By hook or by crook I’m determined to keeping you guessing until its time for Adler and Lynne to encounter The Guardian.

More later…

😉 😉 😉

18 thoughts on “The Guardian – Another Progress Report

  1. It is great when the characters come alive and start interacting in a story. Sounds like things are clicking together. And a quirky intellectual is always entertaining — he’ll serve you well, I bet.

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  3. Hmm, I’ve seen you use this theme one other time where the female character takes offense, or doesn’t like the attitude of a alpha male. Having worked in a business that was male dominated, I found their attitudes actually a challenge. I felt is was based on some common misconceptions and a little insecurity. I never took ‘offense’, It was simply a learning curve. I realized i would have to prove myself just like anyone else. I didnt’ do it in a “in your face” fashion, but simply proved I could do my job just as adequately as they could. I treated them with respect and learned from them. I’m pleased to say, in the end I became a valued and respected part of the team. I hope this gives you a different perspective. 🙂

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