Beware – Idiotic Marketing Ideas Are Here!


A Typical English High Street

Yesterday morning I took delivery of an electric air-pump, which I need to inflate my new airbed. Now all I’m waiting for are those highly idiotic ‘please rate the product’ emails from Amazon UK. While they will expect me to rave on like a two bob watch about both products, I think on this occasion I’ll refrain. Hell’s teeth, we’re only talking about a blow up mattress and an electric air-pump, nothing special.

I hate to tell you this Amazon, but we’re a nation that still likes shopping in small family run businesses in our high streets where you get friendly courteous service. Yes there is a place for large concerns like yours where we can buy almost anything we care to name. Undoutedly the prices will be cheaper than any high street shop, but what we don’t need is all the hype and BS that goes with buying anything from you.

There is another thing which has crept in from across the pond, the sheer lunacy of sales days like Black Friday where total idiots with money to burn literally battle with one another, often violently, over products, and Cyber Monday when the emphasis is on equally insane online buying of those self same products.

I honestly don’t know how any of you feel about sales days like these, but when US based companies think that what works back home, will not only become accepted practice, but also be welcomed with open arms by the vast majority of the population of other lands, I’m sorry Amazon etal, but while the young may see nothing wrong with American sales tactics being employed more and more these days, the older generations, which is by far the majority here in the UK, usually steer well clear, preferring the peace and quiet of small shops.

Why an airbed? Two reasons. First of all because as a pensioner on a low income I can’t afford to buy a new soft mattress, necessary for a comfortable night’s sleep. Secondly, my back and other places, one of which I sit on, is now covered in various types of skin cancer, a legacy of spending forty-two years exposed to direct UV radiation from the Sun within the hole in the ozone layer down south in New Zealand. As for the ones on my back, which despite being benign are never the less painful, especially if I lay on my back at some point during the night, the doctors will only treat them if I submit to the knife once more. Or allow them to use focused radiation to fix the problem.

Will I let them near me ever again? Hell no. My previous experience with the local mob of medical specialists, was to say the least, far worse than putting up with the damned cancers. And another thing, it was radiation that caused the problem in the first place. I don’t need the side effects of any other form of radiation to add to my woes, thank you very much. Some people’s bodies are covered in freckles. In my case its skin cancer.

Rant almost over. What do I really think about rating anything? What do you think?

Bah Humbug!

PS – I can honestly say that I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years last night, even if the airbed tended to crackle when I turned over, and I sank into it. Why on Earth didn’t I buy one much earlier? LOL


19 thoughts on “Beware – Idiotic Marketing Ideas Are Here!

  1. I tend to agree about the annoyance factor the ‘American Way’ tactics have – however, on the other hand – honest reviews (the commercial and troll one’s are easily spotted) are valuable to people looking for these products, just as they are to books (and authors / readers) 😀


  2. Not sure if this happens there; but one disturbing thing I notice in the US is how people will camp out for days to buy the latest electronic gadget but can’t be bothered to go vote in elections that determine policy and law.


  3. Like you, I prefer shopping with my hands and feet, but sometimes buying online makes the best sense. However, when I shop online, especially for anything that I expect to last more than five minutes, I depend quite heavily on customer reviews. So ja, they’re a pain, but they’re like consumer market research … if I’m not too busy with something else, I think it’s somewhat of a community service to help out.

    Now if you want to get me ranting about American marketing practices, let’s talk about rebates. Do you have those on your side of the pond? They make me nucking futs, I tell you! What the hell is wrong with simply charging what the product is worth and being done with it? I hate rebates so much I’ll often pass up a “bargain” because I’m buggered if I’ll play their STUPID games!


    • Nucking futs huh. Love it! What about the other lunacy that Amazon loves, allowing someone to get their $0.99 back for an eBook? Not sure about whether or not the rebate thing is used here. 😉


      • One day I’ll start buying ebooks. I know I have to if I want to read indie writers – and I do … but the last time I tried I sent Amazon my money and was entirely unable to figure out how to download the damn books. I wanted them to read on a LONG trans-Atlantic flight, tried to buy them hours before I had to leave for the airport, and by the time I got back it just wasn’t worth the hassle of fighting with them. But I’ve viewed my Kindle with distrust ever since.


      • It’s not that complicated Belladonna. When you find an eBook you want on Amazon and before you click the ‘buy now’ bar at the top right of the page, look directly below ‘buy now’ and you will see a ‘deliver to’ bar that’s where your kindle reader should appear. In my case my Kindle reader is this laptop, so on the bar are the words Jack’s Kindle. If yours isn’t there, go through the registration process from your Kindle reader to add it to the ‘deliver to’ bar. 🙂

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      • Thanks, Jack. Honestly, I thought I’d done all that. I probably need to call customer service and get help figuring out what went’ wrong. I’ll do so just as soon as I get it charged up … which I’ll do when I remember where I put it…


  4. I spent three hours, several gallons of gas and a whole lot of patience trying to track down a powered USB port last spring. Went to three different stores, to be told at the last one to get it on Amazon. Within less than 24 hours Amazon had delivered it to my front door. You better believe I gave that little company a rave review. I think it comes down to convenience. But I do love a street of good, quaint, interesting little shops.

    By the way, hospitals use air mattresses. It seems that necessity is the mother of invention after all, eh Jack? Hope you slumber well. 🙂


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