Another Guardian Progress Report – Chapter Three Begins


Maybe This Is The Guardian

Here’s another taster from my current WIP – the opening few lines of chapter three of The Guardian as they stand at the moment. Bear in mind that like everything else I’ve shared with you so far it’s not an example of the finished product. If on reflection I’m not happy with it, or any other part of the WIP, I can, and will, rethink and rewrite it.

With this new novel, apart from taking my time and not trying to write thousands of words each day, believing it to be the only way, like so many others do, I’ve adopted the following approach – one hour each day for writing, the rest spent carefully thinking how each section of the story will work before I begin typing. It’s only taken me twenty years to finally realize that this slow and steady approach is by far the best. So there’s hope for you too – lol.

Now read on…


“What’s wrong?”
“The outer door to the shuttle airlock isn’t responding. It’s been locked! It should automatically open when it senses any shuttle heading its way.” Lynne replied, while attempting to reset the recognition system, used whenever any craft arrived outside the airlock, from on board the shuttle. She tried it once again. The door remained firmly sealed. “It’s no good Adler, I’m sorry.”
“It’s not your fault. At least we know that someone might be inside. The only way to lock the system is from the admin area. Whoever is there must have deliberately shut it down, either that or they’ve sabotaged it. Brett take a look at the mine plans. There has to be another entrance.”
“On it.”
“Cliff, make all weapons ready.”
“Already doing it.


The Guardian watched the intruder’s progress via its monitor inside the inner sanctum as they left the safety of the shuttle. It already realised where they were heading.


Suited up, and with Brett leading the way, they left the relative safety of the shuttle to walk the few yards to where the emergency escape hatch was located directly below the shuttle airlock outer door. The hatch was never designed as a way of gaining entry to the mine. While Lynne assisted Cliff in preparing the charges needed to open it, Adler reminded everybody of a few more facts. “When we get inside, don’t think for one minute that we can remove our suits. We can’t. The only places inside the mine where there is a breathable atmosphere is inside the shuttle airlock and the living quarters. So for the duration, as cumbersome as they are, think of your suit as your best friend.”
“Better get behind something, I’m going to blow the hatch,” Cliff suggested, ending any further pearls of wisdom from Adler. C4 might be a relic from the twentieth century, but in the right hands it was still an excellent tool. When the dust from the explosion cleared they could see a short corridor leading to a metal ladder.


Now it’s time to work out what if anything is waiting for them. Maybe there’s nothing. Maybe the guardian itself is close by. You’ll just have to wait until you read the finished product won’t you?

More later

😀 😀 😀

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