3 thoughts on “Can Self Published Authors Make The Minimum Wage? | Just Publishing

  1. Interesting post. I’m convinced that you can’t be in it for the money, at least not at the outset, when it’s all outgo. Of course, there are those miraculous, serendipitous, exceptions to the rule…but not me. ;(


  2. Yes, you can, even if – like me – you’re not a best seller with thousands of downloads a day. The saving grace for many indies is having a lot of books and writing in series. That way, even without huge numbers for each book, an income from your writing that you can live on is possible (even more so if your genre is romance. Mine’s mystery, which is still one of the more popular genres). I started self-publishing in August 2010 (indie income Nil) and I was making a living income by mid-2011 before I’d even digitally formatted the majority of my backlist. But I had the advantage that I’ve been writing and getting published since 1991.


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