Demis Roussos Dies

I loved his singing. Back in the 1970’s Demis Roussos was Greece to me and to many others. He died yesterday aged 69. He was only two years older than I am now. The world is a sadder place for his passing…

Rest in Peace Demis

12 thoughts on “Demis Roussos Dies

  1. I hate it that so many people we have grown up with, that were just always there, are now leaving us one by one. I know thats the way it goes, and its a sign of my age, but theres no one to fill their shoes. They leave a gaping hole. Where’s the balance?


  2. Lovely tribute. I enjoyed the music and am sorry I didn’t know of him before this. It’s that time of life when people we know are slipping away, weekly reminders of dust to dust…


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