Colleen McCullough

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Colleen McCullough, author of The Thorn Birds died at the age of seventy seven on the 29th January. The Australian wrote this as part of their obituary:

“Australia’s bestselling author was a charmer. Plain of feature, and certainly overweight, she was nevertheless a woman of wit and warmth.”


Use whatever words you like, but you clearly just called her not pretty and fat with a nice personality in her OBITUARY. That’s where you say nice things people. She’d be charmed I’m sure. I loved The Thornbirds, both the book and the series – the drama, the forbidden love, the serious crush on Richard Chamberlain who played the priest, and the devastation when he came out and I realised we could never be….. Ahem. Colleen McCullough was a stellar author, incredibly intelligent, and nice too. Twitter is currently abuzz with hilarious rude fake obits on the hashtag #myozobituary from all…

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One thought on “Colleen McCullough

  1. Would he have said the same thing in an obit for Orson Wells or Winston Churchill? “Heavy set, and certainly no chick-magnet, Churchill still managed to guide his country through a war…”
    Sadly, appearance still gets shoved in front of accomplishments for women. Eugenie Bouchard recently won the Australian Open and the on-court presenter used his chat with her to talk about her outfit:

    “Can you give us a twirl?”
    “A twirl?” the 20-year-old Canadian asked.
    “A twirl, like a pirouette, here you go,”

    If we fellas had to deal with that, we’d be basket cases. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t much to look at.

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