Does Everyone Deserve Compassion?

What are your thoughts on having compassion for others? Here’s what our Jo has to say on the subject. 🙂

Jo Robinson


Individually we can’t fix the whole world, and seeing the awful things going on all over I’m sure that a lot of us would rather look away, so it’s wonderful to see so many people out there trying to help in any way that they can. Humans are strange beings. Most are instinctively compassionate. Not all though. We’re powerful creatures in our ability to hurt. Lately with all the barbaric killings of innocents, committed in ways premeditated to be both painful and terrifying both for those who are being so brutally murdered, and for those who see these things, I’ve been wondering what goes on the minds of those killers as they execute that final act. What would happen to them if in that final minute they found that they couldn’t do it? Probably their compassion lies elsewhere, and all they feel is hatred for their victims, so that’s not…

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