It’s confession time – well almost


To all of you who have yet to retire, take it from me when I say I thoroughly recommend it.

All of my adult life I worked for someone else. Who benefited the most from the relationship? In each case they did. Before you start, yes I know I should consider myself fortunate to have been in constant employment, receiving a weekly wage from my sixteenth until my fifty-fifth year, when I was eventually considered too old for the  labour market, winding up on the scrap heap back in 2003, along with millions of others.

By the bye, I don’t envy anyone looking for full-time employment in these days of below minimum wage zero hours work contracts…

Despite being bitter at the time, eventually I looked upon it as the best thing that happened to me, even though the next ten years were tough financially when I was left with no choice but to rely on the dole. I’d been paying into Social Security all my life. So I had no problem with getting some of my contributions back. I’ve never understood the sniffy attitude of some people who think it’s somehow shameful to accept a helping hand when we need it, especially when part of everyone’s wages are set aside for that specific purpose.

Do I miss not being in the working force? Hell no! To an independant (some might say rebellious) spirit like myself, having to spend eight to twelve hours a day from Monday to Friday or even seven days a week, endlessly doing the same damned thing day in, day out, not forgetting to always expect the boss to bitch about something or other, was anathema to me.

Since I officially reached retirement age a couple of years ago, I no longer have to rely on the dole. Nowadays I get my State pension, something else I contributed to all of my working life. Compared with what I use to earn, it’s a mere pittance. But I can live on it – just. To hear the way some politicians rave on, you would be forgiven for thinking that retirees like myself are a burden on society. Complete poppycock! All of our lives we worked hard. We’re entitled to take it easy. It still rankles with me that I had to wait until my sixty-fifth year to finally achieve my goal of complete independance from the day to day drudgery that everyone old enough to work has to endure for decades.

Nowadays I’m no longer bored stupid working for someone else. I get up when I want, go to bed when I want and do what I want when I want – well almost. As a lot of you will already know, I now have a new boss. It’s called The Written Word. Compared to my former employers it leaves them in it’s dust when it comes to making demands on my time. Being its willing slave occupies ninety-nine percent of my time, writing novellas and novels. The remaining one percent is divided between enjoying life, eating, sleeping and blogging. Oh, I almost forgot to add that I’m also a long time video gamer. So as you can see there is an awful lot to squeeze into the remaining one percent of my time.

Regarding my blog – which is this one by the way, (I thought I’d point that out for those among us who are known to be a bit slow on the uptake), as of today I just need one more blog follower to finally reach four hundred.

I started blogging back in February 2010 on Google’s Blogger. How many people got to read my ramblings meant nothing at the time. Way back then, the whole concept of a blog was totally alien to me. The fact that my then publisher warned against doing it, was a good enough reason to go ahead from my point of view. If anyone like him is stupid enought to start dictating what I should and should not do, I’ll do the opposite every time!

It wasn’t until I deserted Blogger for the good ship WordPress that my posts began to be read, and as a consequence the number of people who wanted to follow/read what I had to say has slowly but surely increased. At the time of writing this, the number of people following my blog stands at three hundred and ninety-nine. Once I reach four hundred, its all ahead full for the next port – five hundred.

One last thing, I would very much like to thank all of you who follow my blog. Without you it would simply fade into obscurity.

Thanks once again

PS – I went to bed at eight o’clock last night, It’s now 01.38. The content of this post woke me at midnight LOL 

Now in 2020 I have 909 followers….


❤ xxx

42 thoughts on “It’s confession time – well almost

  1. Reblogged this on galesmind and commented:
    I feel exactly the same I got dumped by my job in 2013 they had a cut back and I and several others were let go. It hurt like hell I was there 27 years. But it was what it was and because I was 63 I got social security and a little pension. Best thing that ever happened to me. Now the hubby is retired at 66. Are things tighter? Well yea but it is also easier. I hated working in accounting. Now I blog as I like, write what I want and do things for rescues. Bake when I get in the mood and if the Spring ever comes I will get my garden going. We worked hard for a lot of years. I feel we earned this. Enjoy it my friend!!

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  2. Not sure if it helped but I just began following your blog. If for no other reason than you used the word poppycock and it fit so well into the post. That word always amuses me and so few people ever use it.
    As for your retirement – I have to ask, did you have specific plans in place for retirement? I have no problem with people finally getting the Social Security they paid into all of their working lives – I do however have a problem with anyone who would shame anyone else for using social security as it is intended.

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      • Since retiring – do you feel a greater sense of living in the moment? What I mean by that is when in the working years, people often put things off thinking, I’ll be able to do that when I retire.


      • Not necessarily. All of my life I’ve wanted to be a published author. It finally happened after I was laid off. I am now a successful mid lister. I hope that answers your question. 😉

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  3. Retirement sounds nice. Who needs more money, if you have enough to be happy and content? At least when you blog post gets you up in the middle of night, you can enjoy the fact that you can go back to bed and sleep until you are ready to awaken. That’s really cool.


  4. The best of luck on reaching your 500th follower and beyond! I am not a big fan of Google’s Blogger and much prefer WordPress. I did try Blogger for a while but found very few people read my posts. WordPress has allowed me to reach far more followers for which I am extremely grateful. I suspect one of the problems with Blogger flows from it’s use of CAPTCHA, those annoying puzzles, usually rendered as images someone wishing to comment needs to interpret prior to being able to post. They are difficult (sometimes impossible) to deal with which does, I suspect discourage many people from commenting on Blogger. Kevin


  5. Happy to be another follower even if it isn’t the 400th. I’ve not worked for a few years due to ill health and will be 65 next year. I’ll feel then when I have my pension that no-one feels I’m ripping off the system despite having paid in for just such an event as this. I love the time it allows me to sit in front of the screen writing my blog or answering mail.


  6. My retirement story parallels this one–in that it started at age 55. I continued to work entry-level jobs in retail till SSI eligibility. After the initial shock of low entry level wages and lack of vacation time; I somehow survived. I was, at one point, a department manager–with myself, being the only employee, in that particular department. I enjoy the freedom retirement gives. To rise in the morning, when I want, without being obligated, to make it to work on time. I feel retirees of our age still have much to say and contribute.


  7. Appreciate your honesty, Jack. I was able to cut my blood pressure medicine in half when I retired, and I would never consider going back to work. And congrats on your increasing number of followers. They’ve discovered what an intelligent blog yours is.

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  8. Throwing away the watch and schedules, not having commute where you leave in the dark and get home in the dark, being able to go outside anything you want to, not having to watch idiots headed for disaster and dragging everyone along – all great benefits of not working.
    If worried about money, working contract or in your own business at your own pace/part time is better than an office. Life is too precious to waste.
    (Love your new boss! Astute observation.)


  9. Just clicked on the follow button – i have a WP blog too and the follow button hasn’t been working when I’ve tried it recently on other sites, so your appeal for fans must have struck a chord with a WP robot somewhere. if in return you could “like” my own welcome post I’d be on 97 likes, i think, and then if three more people did…one can get a bit obsessive. Sorry you had to wait for 65 to get a pension, in my case it will be 67… but fortunately I have a teacher’s pension and if I want to buy some sweets, the earnings from my books.Happy (ongoing) retirement.

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