How Dare You Censor My Books?

The whole idea of a censorship app is totally insane! People should use their own judgment. If a particular book has the potential to offend your sensibilities, when you are sampling it, DON’T BUY IT. IT’S NOT ROCKET SCIENCE PEOPLE!!!

How Dare You Censor My Books?


11 thoughts on “How Dare You Censor My Books?

  1. What are we coming to? It smacks of Naziism. Unfortunately, here in the US, the tail has been wagging the dog for quite a while.. Don’t like something at the school? The school gets rid of it. Don’t like something in the community? Organize a boycott. Close them down. That’s why I write – I can still do that without someone trying to shut me down. You’re preaching to the choir but I don’t mind.


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