14 thoughts on “HarperCollins e-Books will no Longer be Available on Amazon

  1. No surprise with all the bad blood between trad pubs and Amazon lately. Trad pubs cant compete for ebook sales and they know it. They all left it far too late. Now they want Amazon to pay, or die. Neither’s going to happen. Readers want to buy all their books in one place. Its convenient. We dont want to go to a HP store to buy their paperbacks, and so on through all the major publishers… it wouldnt work on the high street it wont work with the net either. Readers have too much choice on Amazon to care. Theres 6 million other books to choose from. They’ll forget HC. Its HC authors who will suffer… I’d be up in arms if I was one of them!

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  2. It’s all symptomatic of the way the world of book writing and selling is being turned over by the e revolution. The old and the new schools will all act and react in various ways until the new paradigm has shaken down. It may well end up with different lead players than the ones evident today.


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