My Review of Dangerous Obsessions


Tight, taut and shocking, these stories all have warped love as the source of violence. Belgian/Flemish author, Bob Van Laerhoven, winner of the USA Best Book Award 2014 in the category “Mystery/Suspense” and the Hercule Poirot Prize with his controversial novel, Baudelaire’s Revenge, connects the fate of individuals with profound social changes. Van Laerhoven has been a travel writer in conflict-zones from 1990 until 2003 and echos of his experiences trickle through these confronting and thrilling tales, set in civil war-torn Algeria in the fifties, in a gypsy populated Polish concentration-camp during WWII, in a Peruvian border-town where stealing is a deadly art, in Liberia during the civil war in the nineties, and in Belgian Congo during the bloody uproar in the sixties. Omnia vincit amor—Love conquers all—the saying goes. But not our Dangerous Obsessions.


If you enjoyed my post about Bob Van Laerhoven the other day here, then you will know I agreed to read and review his short story collection – Dangerous Obsessions. Well, I’ve read them and here is my review:

5.0 out of 5 stars A Refreshing Read April 16, 2015
The Belgian/Flemish writer Bob Van Laerhoven’s collection of powerful, often graphic short stories is a refreshing read. My favourite has to be the third – Lillies of the Valley, a tale of one young gypsy woman’s survival at all costs in a Nazi concentration camp during World War Two. What most people forget is that the camps weren’t only for the extermination of European Jews. Many other groups like the gypsies suffered the same fate, like the Jews, deemed to be subhuman by Adolf Hitler and his henchmen. I would recommend reading this collection to any one who likes a story well told.
Did I enjoy the read? What do you think? Of course I did.

9 thoughts on “My Review of Dangerous Obsessions

  1. Warped love? I hesitate to purchase it then, but the writing in the sample on Amazon is absolutely beautiful. If I had a stronger constitution I might risk it.


  2. Great review Jack, brief, strong, to the point! Sounds like an interesting guy who’s had some powerful life experiences. When these bleed into an authors writing, you usually get something special and unique.


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