I hate to say it, but I did try to warn you…

This post is directed at those individuals who still prefer to bury their heads in the sand not wishing, or indeed wanting, to see what is really going on all around them. Remember that while the world may still be a relatively peaceful place, peace means precious little to certain sectors of humankind.

Believe me when I say that I take no great pleasure in finally being vindicated over what I suspected would, and now is, happening. All anyone has to do is open their eyes for once in their lives to what’s actually going on within their own country’s cities and towns, especially the cities.

Ever since the steady exodus of innocent people escaping from various war torn countries began, I warned that what European countries, the US and many other nations would soon experience would be nothing short of a surreptitious Jihadist invasion via the back door. When I first voiced my opinion on the subject here on my blog a few years ago, I was immediately branded a racist and an islamophobe for even daring to suggest such a thing, mainly by ill informed idiots. This was before the attacks began in the US. One individual even went so far as to send me a bile ridden vitriolic email – no names, no pack drill, you know who you are.

The BBC begrudgingly arrived at the same conclusion I had reached all those years ago. All I can say to them is this – you took your damned time! The signs were there all along for anyone not only prepared to see, but also to dare to think the unthinkable as I had.

For every thousand genuine refugees, all that the jihadists need to do is to add one of their own number to each boatload. Could you pick them out from the rest? No of course you couldn’t. After all, they don’t go around wearing a label advertising the fact that they’re soldiers of Islam do they?

Militarily speaking, you have to take your hat off to them. It’s a brilliantly simple strategy. First of all infiltrate a country in your guise as a refugee. Then once you have established yourself in any given nation where Islam is not the main religion, quietly begin recruiting the disenchanted, the young and the easily led (thick) to your cause from each country’s rapidly growing muslim communities.

A final word – just because there are a few bad apples in the bunch, doesn’t mean that we should brand all of our Islamic brothers and sisters from whichever part of the world they used to live in – be it the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand, North Africa, or Asia and South East Asia, as potential terrorists. The great majority of them aren’t. Like you and I, they’re mostly honest law abiding people who just want to live their lives in peace.

Don’t for one minute think that you can close your eyes once again, hoping that this current menace to our peaceful way of life will simply go away. It won’t! Recruiters are already among us, and with each new boatload of refugees arriving on our shores, chances are another one is travelling your way incognito.

After reading the attached news item from the BBC, if any of my detractors still think that I am a racist and islamophobe, all I can say to them is for god’s sake wake up! Like it or not they’re here.



25 thoughts on “I hate to say it, but I did try to warn you…

  1. Agreed Jack – and as you say, we need to be careful not to brand all refugees as terrorists – many are just trying to improve their lives somehow and are in desperate straits, literally as well as figuratively.
    Vigilance is the main word for life today – regardless of where you live, be it city, town or village 😦

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  2. It was always a risk. The powers that be, however, have all sorts of vested interests in allowing these things to happen. After all, in a peaceful world, where would the weapon contracts come from?

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  3. We have areas here in the States that are known to be training grounds for jihadists and cities that are developing no-go zones, but the imbecile in the White House (and the cowards on the Hill) lets it continue. Our southern border no longer exists and is open to any Islamofascist willing to make the trek. We’re too politically correct to make the distinction between a refugee and a terrorist. The free world is in deep trouble.

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    • I think you hit the nail on the head, MJ with your statement: “We’re too politically correct to make the distinction between a refugee and a terrorist.”

      Although, I’d go a step further and say we are too politically correct to ADMIT the distinction… and that’s where our downfall is. We’re being governed by this constant liberal propaganda that tells us we can’t ever say anything negative about any member of any minority or ethnic group. Well, sorry, but there are bad apples in EVERY nation and race. It’s not discriminatory to admit that and act upon it wisely.

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  4. A good assessment of things, I think — and it reflects the situation with most Western nations, I fear. Sadly our leaders seem intent on taking the path that ends with ruination.

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  5. You’re right, of course, but maybe you could find it in you r heart to cut the major news organizations some slack for taking so long to come ’round. It’s always easier for one person to state the truth than an organization for fear of backlash. We all know they lack a little in the courage department. They don’t want to offend…I read an article the other day on how Christianity is at its steepest decline ever. That happened when they stopped using violence to convert people. I guess at the end of the day, he who uses violence to propagate his religion wins the day. What a shame! And what a sad state of affairs for the world…great post. It got me thinking this morning.

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  6. You’re right on the nail, Jack. When I was travelling in the nineties in many Islam countries, it was already clear that a minority of plain crooks wanted to pervert Islam by brainwashing young people and using the religion for purely political and military goals.

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  7. You were spot on Jack. Everyone here has their heads in the sand, despite the weekly news – that most of the main media outlets don’t carry – that arrests have been made of young men who have pledged their lives to ISIS and are planning attacks on the US population. We’ve been lucky so far, but I doubt that’s going to last, especially with this administration.

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  8. Have to agree, and not all those wearing the black robes and veils are what they appear. IS relies on people like yourself, honest law abiding white (or black) non-Muslims being branded as racists so they can continue recruiting and planning under the radar. These are people claiming to be soldiers fighting a holy war but they dress like civilians, if they’re soldiers where are the uniforms? Why don’t they wear them with pride, as I did? I was proud to wear my Navy uniform and even wore it on shore leave. Yes, we were at war so it was a huge target to wear but if you choose not to wear it why sign on in the first place?

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  9. You watch any playground with kids: some cannot get along, some manipulate others, some cannot play nice or be fair, and some get shoved down, clobbered, and their toys grabbed, some will not attempt to solve their own problems, but rely on someone else stepping in to sort things out and protect them.
    Once grown it’s just on a larger scale.
    Some “trying to be fair” do not see reality of situations – or “interpret” it to fit their rose colored glasses. They don’t want to see.(and realize/acknowledge they are wrong with their faulty conclusions)
    History is a good teacher. Best listen.
    Great post.


  10. A very scary and true thought Jack. In fact I just recently said similar words to my husband. These countries open their arms to the refugees without knowing who is the evil among them. It’s indeed a frightening world.

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