5 thoughts on “UK ISP’s must block ebook pirate sites

  1. Thanks for posting this article Jack. As you say this is welcome news. I would, however make the following points:

    1. There exist companies offering proxy services which allow people to hide their IP address. So, for example a person using a proxy in the UK could appear to be surfing in America and their location would appear as being in that country. The ISP would see a seemingly unremarkable site (generated by the proxy) rather than the pirate ebook one so would have no idea that pirated content was being accessed. Many proxy services are legal and are used by those with concerns about their privacy online. Such services are also used by disidents in authoritarian regimes to hide their browsing from the authorities. Consequently banning proxies would be politically highly sensitive and would not, I think be a realistic prospect.

    2. As the article points out, pirate sites can make minor changes to urls making their activities more difficult to police.

    Having said all that, it is still welcome news.


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