A Quick Update




Just a quick update to let you know how my latest science fiction WIP The Guardian is progressing. I’ve added a paltry one thousand words since the previous post on the subject. While it may not sound like much, in doing so I have now expanded several passages that desperately needed attention. Plus, at long last I can finally announce that I am now completely satisfied with the private scenes between Adler and Lynne. Specifically I am referring to when they are share their infrequent extremely passionate moments together as their love affair continues.

Meanwhile I have to say that I’m still not fully at ease with how the next chapter entitled Cat and Mouse, (which I have finally begun) will work out. Unlike all of the chapters before it, this one is going to be complicated in the extreme. Why? Because of way the story dictates that it be written. You all know how I’ve often said on numerous occasions in the past that any given story always writes itself, and that all you can ever do is slavishly follow where the story wants you to go next.

Well I’d better get back to it. Like all writers, I am merely the slave of my muse who even while I write this post, demands I get on with the next one thousand words.

Oh, if you are wondering why the picture of Thoth? It’s simply that he was the ancient Egyptian god of knowledge and writing. Even though I don’t necessarily believe in such things, at the moment I’ll take all the help I can get until I finish writing this particular science fiction novella. Maybe he’s looking over my shoulder as I write it. Then again, maybe he isn’t.

Click here to find out more about Thoth if you wish – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoth

Oh well, I must crack on. More later from this particular member of Thoth’s army of lowly scribes…


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