10 thoughts on “This is Completely Idiotic!!!

  1. Such a good idea. There’s always some grinch out there who wants to feel self-important or be a “victim” to complain about ANYTHING good. And of course in our uber PC society, the tail wags the dog!


  2. I saw another incident like this on the news a few months ago. The city was fining the woman who put up the library box for the poor children in her area that couldn’t afford books. She had huge fines accumulated. She called the mayor. He came to her house, and she called the media. The mayor was in the spotlight as to keeping a good image it seemed. He apologized to her, told she wouldn’t have to pay fines and she could keep the box out. Now I ask, do we need to go through all this crap just to be humane and do the right thing, or keep our mouths shut and let the governments gauge us at every corner for an excuse to bring in MORE taxes? It seems we have to fight for everything these days.


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