Goodreads takes no prisoners!


I’ve said it often enough over the years – never ever engage with anyone who posts a one star review of your book on Goodreads or Amazon, or anywhere else come to that, unless you have a death wish. The following is about a first time author who not only broke the cardinal rule, but also totally lost it! Read what happened to them.

8 thoughts on “Goodreads takes no prisoners!

  1. The fault here, lies with the author, not the provider of the service, surely? I have a following of 3k+ and have never had an adverse word. But I’d never respond to a poor review anyway: it’s clearly an idiotic thing to do. Good to point out the dangers, Jack.


    • Precisely. However, there are still a few individuals lurking within Goodreads who will condemn an author merely because said author is friendly with someone they despise. That is the reason I cut all ties with Goodreads Stuart. No one tells me who my friends are! 😉


      • But that’s the case on all social media, isn’t it? Trolls lurk in all those places because their anonymity makes them brave online. We all know they’re socially-challenged morons living sad lives, after all. It seems a shame to lose out on what is an excellent writer/reader experience because of one or two idiots. But I realise such experiences can seriously taint a relationship with an organisation. I’m sure you’re perfectly able to determine what’s best for your particular circumstances, Jack!

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  2. Talk about an over the top response to a negative review! My advice: Get a life! If you want to grow a hard shell, have your scientific manuscripts reviewed. If you feel that Goodreads is not a good place, that is certainly your choice and your opinion, Jack, Loyalty is an important characteristic of a true gentleman.


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