How Derek Haines Reduces His Students To Quivering Wrecks


I bet that my fellow Englishmen and women will cringe when they view the English pronunciation video Derek Haines makes his language students watch. Take a look for yourselves. Pay particular attention to the way the North American in the video mispronounces certain words. It made me cringe, and laugh at the same time. LOL πŸ˜‰

12 thoughts on “How Derek Haines Reduces His Students To Quivering Wrecks

  1. The more modern YouTube video has a beginning that looks very influenced by David Bowie (RIP, my friend). Also that guy is American. Did someone say he talked funny?! Only WE are allowed to decide who talks funny! Don’t you folks know that by now?! πŸ˜‰ ❀
    Peace, love & beautiful accents for all,
    Sherrie Miranda's historically based, coming of age, Adventure novel β€œSecrets & Lies in El Salvador” is about an American girl in war-torn El Salvador:
    Her husband made a video for her novel. He wrote the song too:

    P.S. Once you fix typos, the link takes you to the corrected post. πŸ˜‰ ❀

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  2. I really wanted to see and reblog the 1920’s version, but it doesn’t come up for me. Has anyone seen it. I wanted to see the Englishman’s version of this! πŸ˜‰ ❀
    Peace, love & a reminder that English comes from England, not the US,
    P.S. That reminds me of a funny story! I was working at this large, fancy hotel in New Orleans and they had a local African American lady making sure that people weren't punching in other people's time cards. When she saw this British woman, she said "Oh, you're back!" The Brit proceeded to tell her yes, I went home to England for the holidays. The black woman told her "Oh, your English is much better! You must have been practicing a lot while you were gone!" I almost peed my pants, I laughed so hard.
    The British woman just smiled and said "Thank you," ever the polite Brit.
    P.P.S. Maybe I should post this with the video IF I ever find the one with the British guy speaking. πŸ˜‰ ❀

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