Review: INTO THE FIRE, by Manda Scott, published in hardback by Transworld Books at £14.99

Michael’s review of Manda Scott’s Into The Fire


ISBN: 978 0 593 07247 9

I have to declare an interest here. Manda is a good friend. We first met as crime writers, and in more recent years we’ve worked together to take her vision of the Historical Writers’ Association and bring it to fruition. She has also generously given me a bunch of time to answer some questions on her writing which you can read here.

However, I have a firm policy on this blog: I will not puff books for no reason (or just because the writer’s a friend). There are plenty of sites where readers can go for such puffery and nonsense, but here on my website I will only review the books I’ve read and liked. Books I don’t like may well appeal to other people, so I won’t slate them.

Manda started out with crime, but achieved massive success with her Boudica series…

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