Yap’s Giant Coin is Legal Tender

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Tribalmystic Stories

yapmon2 Public domain picture

Like some of the more unusual legal tender in other cultures of the world, the stone money from Yap is quite unique, and grand.

This is not your typical gold coin or silver coin you could flip. You would need all your friends to help you flip it and I would not wait to catch it coming down.

To continue from my post about the giant Easter Islands Monuments and this is my own theory; I’m speculating that the people who build the giant statues of the earlier post on this blog were part of the same (tribe of) people who manufactured the Rai or the giant stone coins of the Micronesian islands of Yap and Palau. My reason for thinking there may be a connection is because of what I have seen in Palau and Northern Marianas. There are giant statues all over the world and I…

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