7 thoughts on “The Acquisitive Author

  1. Eek!!! Well, I suppose I will never be accused of over-marketing as I have done nothing to market my book, other than a blurb or too. I guess I am happy I have accomplished something I set out to do, and I think I did a pretty good job of – writing a book. And if it is to get discovered, it will get discovered – and if not, maybe it will be unearthed by aliens a 1000 years from now and they will think it as an item of great importance. In any case, it was the journey (the writing) and not the destination (book sitting in bowels of Amazon) that was most gratifying. (Can I just tell you I hate this little tiny comment box, why did WordPress have to do this?)

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  2. I totally agree with this. Too many self-published authors go in with unrealistic expectations, and too many conclude they are failures because those expectations aren’t met. Add to that too many stern lectures about writing being a business, and the importance of marketing. Most people who publish a novel or stories have no intention of making a living from writing. Those who intend to do that are in a different league.

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  3. Excellent post! I would think by now that the exploiters of their books would be catching on by now about social sharing etiquette. Surely if you are a self published author, you need to follow publishing trends and learn appropriate marketing strategies, and above all learn about social interaction with others to earn attention. Nobody wants ‘buy buy buy’ constantly thrown in their faces. I feel weird enough when I put my books on promotion and only let people know that’s it’s available on sale or free. 🙂

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