Why Is It That Total Rubbish Always Sells?


When it comes to book sales, more ofen than not, total rubbish sells to the detriment of quality? Of all my books, the quality ones from my point of view stand apart from the rest as evidenced by the four and five star reviews they attracted. Yet for some inexplicable reason they simply fail to appeal to the majority of readers. Why is that I wonder?

I freely admit thatΒ my best seller to date is total rubbish. Why? Because it was written quickly with little editing! As a consequence many reviewers quite rightly condemned it. Despite that, it exceeded my wildest dreams when it comes to sales. It still appeals in America to this day. What does that say about readers? Not a lot…

Meanwhile, two titles I am proud of, Goblin Tales and Cataclysm simply fail to attract readers, even though in the main, they both have excellent reviews. As the title suggests, the fantasy anthology Goblin Tales is all about goblins. I thought it was high time that a series of stories was written about a band of friendly ones for a change. On the other hand, my novella Cataclysm is a mixture of scifi and a degree of poetic license on my part regarding the ancient history I employ within it, along with a tragic love affair between the hero of the story and a beautiful transgender entity. Click on the above links to read the reviews for yourselves.


It’s early days yet, but I wonder if my latest erotic scifi novella The Guardian,which I am also justifiably proud of I might add, will go the same way as the above two titles? In its case only time will tell. So far it has received two four star reviews:

Another Great Yarn. By Derek on August 4, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

Jack Eason spins another great yarn here, with a little archaeology, a little space travel, a mysterious baddie of course, and even a little bit of spice thrown in for good measure! Top read.

Great read. By Chris Graham on August 2, 2015

Format: Kindle Edition

An enigmatic beginning to a fast paced story, involving quite a few nerve wracking events for the heroes before reaching a finale with a twist that will make you want A SEQUEL PLEASE.
Note that in neither case did the reviewer feel the urge to condemn or pore scorn, despite the popularly held misconception that any book these days must have a mix of good and bad reviews to make it appeal. Here’s hoping that The Guardian appeals. If you are currently reading it, or have just finished, please add your review to the first two.

20 thoughts on “Why Is It That Total Rubbish Always Sells?

  1. It’s definitely an interesting market. Have you tried focusing on things like keywords and category selections for your books? It’s definitely not the quality like you’re saying, it’s purely visibility. If people can’t find your book, how can they buy it?

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    • You name it, I’ve used it when it comes to making any book of mine ‘visible’ over the past twenty-five years DK. In the end it makes no difference. Word of mouth still works best. πŸ˜‰


  2. I know what you mean. My books have garnered a few good reviews and some 4 & 5 star ratings, but they certainly don’t sell. Every sale is a big thrill (which is a good thing). The free book (first in the series) “sells” way better than the rest. Sometimes I brood over that.
    I’m halfway through The Guardian, Jack, and will write my review once I’ve finished it. (It’s not a slow read, but my reading time is reduced in the worst way by work, cooking, bathing, sleeping, etc. Not to mention the cats and the garden). πŸ™‚

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  4. Hi Jack, It’s very difficult, when you admire someones style and writing, and respect them as a human being, to explain that you just don’t like goblins and too much ‘other worldly’ stuff….Some books are rubbish, irrespective of the genre, but it’s a mystery where taste comes from. I seem to enjoy books which are fictitious but based on true happenings/murder stories with good court scenes/the odd ghost story and family sagas/romance with a twist in the tale, plus history-based but not too much horror or vampires. Viva la difference as some writers would starve. Good luck and a happy New Year..

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