Full Moon in Athens

Even though his country is being financially punished by the EU, our Nicholas can still take his wife Electra out for the evening. What a true gentleman he is. 😉

Nicholas C. Rossis

It was a full moon the other day, and Electra and I ventured downtown – something we rarely do. In fact, we hadn’t been downtown in a couple of months. So, I’m not sure what I expected to see, to be honest. Judging by the media horror stories, endless lines of homeless, perhaps, and forlorn pensioners queuing by ATMs?

I can tell you what I did not expect: A beautiful walk on the unpronounceable Dionisiou Areopagitou Street. The half dozen street bands that played anything, from rebetika to jazz. The leisurely pace. The relaxed atmosphere. The jasmine in the air. The amazing meal we enjoyed (Okay, that last one I did expect, as we had it at the excellent roof restaurant, Point-A – which is owned by our friend, Katia).

I also did not expect the surreal image of a young boy on a unicycle, spinning around a couple of teens with a remote-controlled helicopter hovering…

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