The first of many, I hope…


Sooner or later it had to happen. Here is The Guardian’s first five star review.


Science-fiction is a genre that I read very seldom. Too many “warps,” wormholes, and “blitzes” to my taste. But Jack Eason’s novella is a sturdy and reliable “nuts-and-bolts” tale, set on Mars, with just that indispensable touch of mystery, and a basic theme that is rooted deeply in human history. It’s also a clever story, slowly unraveling its surprises. I liked Eason’s laconic, humorous, and personal, way of telling his story. And it must be said: he can write some steamy scenes too. All together, a thoroughly enjoyable novella, told with great gusto.
Mark my words, that is how a review should always be written. No spoilers, nitpicking, whinging, condecension or pretentious acid tongued comments. Leave that kind of nonsense up to the bitter and twisted ingraits who hate anyone other than themselves, who specialise in biting critiques.
Thanks Bob.

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