What’s Your Epitaph Going To Say?


Here’s food for thought. The notion of how I would like to be remembered surfaced the other day from among the morass of thoughts that is my mind. I took it a stage further. If I had an epitaph, what would it be?

Always assuming of course that someone has the presence of mind to erect a head stone over my grave, apart from my name, age, dates of birth and death, the one thing I would like to have engraved below all of that, quite simply is this;

He was not politically correct, neither did he suffer fools gladly

Most people who know me personally would agree with those sentiments. How about your epitaph, what would it read?


30 thoughts on “What’s Your Epitaph Going To Say?

  1. Mine could be; ‘He was Politically correct but still managed to be a grumpy git!’ or ‘Liked Harry Potter just a tad to much.’ The one I would like would be ‘World renowned author’ but I’m not putting any bets on

    My favourite one ever is Spike Milligan ‘I told you I was ill’

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  2. Mine should probably read, “I never abandoned anyone until now.” That should pretty well sum up my life. I’m 74 and I had a doctor tell me lately that my heart is strong and he gives me 30 more years. Everyone should be fairly sick of me by then. πŸ˜€

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