Google Books Piracy Continues


Despite Google’s feeble excuses, its still going on!!!

Book Sellers Who Refuse to Go Digital – The End of the Digital Apocalypse?


Shock Horror Probe! The general public are abandoning the eBook for real books. But are they?

Judging, Interviewing and Writing When I Can!

Judging, Interviewing and Writing When I Can!

More from Michael 😉


Another busy week flies past!

First, I had to plan a new story. Not easy, this, because it is based on a period I know very little about, but after Monday and Tuesday sitting with my head immersed in books, the period came to life for me. I fancy I’ll have the main plot finished today.

Today? A week later?

You bet. Last week I was working flat out, but I also had to conduct the latest BBC interview with Ruth Downie (the latest broadcast interview is with Rebecca Tope. You can find it here at about 1 hour 39 minutes in), and help the publisher Impress with their latest prize. That was great fun, but also very time-consuming. It’s difficult when you are presented with a shortlist of twelve books that can be entirely different. For example, I had two or three historicals, two non-fiction, and a wide variety…

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