Are You Reading The Wrong Books?


Reading the attached article, it sounds like someone is trying to re-invent the wheel yet again. See what you think…


Take advantage 🙂

Jo Robinson

I’m going to try out a new idea, and hopefully some of you scribblers will be willing to come on board. The Absolute Indie is not only for self-publishing newbies, but also for Indies who have limited or zero budgets. Proofreading, cover design, formatting for Kindle or CreateSpace or any of the other bits that go into the publishing of a book can be expensive, and although all of these things are covered in the book, not everyone is keen to try. This is where swopsies can come into play. I’ve made a dedicated page for this here, and if any of you would like to participate or have any suggestions for the format that will be fabulous.
I suggest that you say what services you would be interested in swopping, and what services you would swop them for. I reckon you can never have too many proofreaders, so I’ll…

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Really Bad Book Reviews

Oh those one star reviews 😉


Ever read a book review so bad that you wanted to obliterate it from existence, be it on Amazon, Booktube or Goodreads?

I just did. I’m still in shock.


Sometimes, a bad review can be funny. Like when you see someone bragging about having found this “obscure” literary masterpiece that you’ve probably never heard of because you’re a filthy pleb, and it turns out to be The Shining or DavidCopperfield or something equally ridiculous and well known. You laugh, you move on.

What if the review enrages you? Like a prudish and thinly hidden anti-Semitic review of The Diary of Anne Frank? Do you say anything at that point, or do you shake your head, wish humanity wasn’t so horrible, then forget about it?

What if it’s a really ridiculously dumb 1 star review that’s dragging the poor author’s overall rating down, potentially putting off buyers who…

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