Nicholas Rossis Has His Say

Nicholas Rossis

In his usual acerbic fashion here’s what he had to say about The Guardian.

4.0 out of 5 stars Nontraditional Sci-Fi, October 12, 2015
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This review is from: The Guardian: Some things are written in stone (Kindle Edition)

The thing with Eason is, you either love him or hate him. I read with interest the reviews, but found a lot of them were of the “I saw the blurb and some sample content and moved on” kind. Which is a shame, as it feels that people didn’t bother actually reading the book before leaving their scathing reviews.

True, Eason has a unique style that ignores conventions – whether PC or editing ones. But I did enjoy the premise and the story. Would it have benefited from a more traditional editing? Yes. It does contain info dumps in the form of dialogue, that could have been handled in a better way. It also leaves some questions unanswered, and has a few typos.

Are these more technical aspects enough to make the book unreadable? I don’t think so. It was a fast read with a flowing pacing in all but a couple of places. As for the plot, I think that Eason did a great job making us wonder until the end: who’s good and who’s bad? Was this a first contact gone wrong? Or something far more sinister?

So, if you’re willing to turn a blind eye to its imperfections, this is a nontraditional Sci-Fi book with a nice story and some interesting ideas to discuss with your friends.


Whether people love or hate me is neither here nor there Nicholas. The haters will always condemn anything I write. I’ll never please everyone because with me there are no shades of grey. If just one person enjoys reading my books, I am content.




4 thoughts on “Nicholas Rossis Has His Say

  1. Indeed! Do your best, and focus on the feedback from people whose opinions are worth hearing. It took time for me to identify those people in my own life but MAN have things been better since!

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  2. Jack, probably a good thing not to read reviews. To me it’s like worrying about blog stats. So what I flatline for days…when I don’t publish a post. I doesn’t keep me from writing a book! And want to be published! I like your work. Chryssa

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