Meanwhile Here In The UK


Yet again our Prime Minister David Cameron and his government seem hell bent on making the lives of those struggling to make ends meet while living below the poverty line, even more dire than they already are. The one question he needs to be asked is why he and his cronies want to put the living standards of the majority of the population back to the way they were one hundred and fifty years ago? What he has to remember is that in the not too distant past, revolutions happened when the rich one percent punished the poor majority for simply being poor! Even the House of Lords and some of his own Tory MP’s know this is a step to far!!!!

3 thoughts on “Meanwhile Here In The UK

    • A bunch of arrogant and ignorant prats, led by a spoilt child with no concept of what life is like for normal people. And he and his cronies act as though they have a mandate when, in fact, they gained only a third of the votes. Two thirds of voters voted against them, but they ignore this fact, which is why I say they are arrogant and ignorant.

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